Employing a builder can be a daunting process and most often or not, a lot of important things are overlooked.

Customers need to be aware of what to expect from their builder and their contractors and what questions to ask when reviewing quotations. Below is a list of items you can expect from TJN Constructions and from other law-abiding contractors.


A builder must be suitably licenced for the work they are undertaking. TJN Constructions is licenced for all building and construction works and is not restricted by value of works. Our licence number is: 175463C.

Likewise, all subcontractors must be suitably licenced for the work. TJN Constructions only uses fully licenced and insured contractors.

For further information, please see the Fair Trading Information on building and trade licences.


A builder must hold insurance cover in the following areas.

  • Home Warranty Insurance (for works over $12,000)
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Contract Works Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

TJN Constructions holds current insurance policies for all of the above insurances. Certificates of currency are available on request. All builders should be able to produce a certificate of currency on request. Upon receipt of the certificate of currency, always check to see if the insured’s name is the same as on your building contract.

For further information, please visit:

Occupational Health & Safety

TJN Constructions puts safety first on all jobsites. We ensure all workers are equipped with personal protective equipment and a survey is undertaken on a daily basis to assess potential risks and dangers. Every subcontractor must have their own public liability and workers compensation policies in place. Every subcontractor is suitably trained for the task at hand and is provided a full briefing of their scope of works. Todd Napthali is also a qualified Senior First Aid Officer.

For further information, please visit Workcover NSW.

Building Contract

All works over $1,000 must be represented by a signed contract of works. This can be in the form of a fixed price contract or a cost plus contract.

For further information, please see the Fair Trading information on home building contracts.

What does all this mean?

If a builder and his contractors abide by the principles above, you will not have problems fall back onto you. If you employ a builder and he does not have the proper insurances or licences, you may find yourself in a detrimental situation should something go wrong. The items mentioned above go hand-in-hand. A builder cannot maintain his licence and insurance premiums if he encourages an unsafe workplace. A builder will be unable to secure high quality tradesmen if a safe workplace cannot be maintained. Without the combination of these elements, the customer will not receive a quality and assured end product.